Monday, November 24, 2014

Sculpture and To Grandmother's House

I've learned that this carving isn't over until they take it away.

More wood working was necessary to fit the sculpture into the corner angle of the metal housing.
Think how a corner cabinet isn't 90 degrees but an acute angle.....
That cutting showed us a weak knife edge that needed an alternative treatment. So more cutting and then finding another chunk of wood, aligning the grain pattern to be similar, and planing and fitting the wood so it looks on purpose. And then re-staining the new areas to match the existing finish.

Will they take it away soon? Please?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sculpture and Modules

Architectural ornament is beautiful and meaningful.
It's also invisible.

Out of fashion, out of cultural awareness, its meanings forgotten, people don't see it at all.
So how do you get people to SEE it again?

I'm working on it: Take it off the building. Vandalize it with bright colors.
Ornament has always been used as modular units, repeated on buildings.
But modules are also a cornerstone of modernism, so intense repetition works.
             ......................................................................Just without the building.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sculpture and a fine Finish

Wondering this would ever be finished, the carving section of project ended quickly and quietly.

I spent one day caring my signature, wrapped it up for several rainy days, and stained it today.

 I used a deck stain Penofil that has UV protection and a mildewicide.
To quiet the wood grain, I mixed in 1/4 tsp of raw sienna oil paint to a cup of the oil based stain.
For a bit of variance, I also mixed up a 1/4 tsp of raw umber for the darker brown.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sculpture and a Visit to the Site

TriMet invited the artists out to the job site, I finally got to see where my sculpture will be installed.
......right in the middle of this puddle.

Anticlimactic? Yes, but it helps to keep a sense of humor. They took a chance on each artist being able to deliver on a sketch.  What is now a gravel mess of a parking lot will be a small green park.

Maybe this plan view will help you visualize...... That tiny red dot in the lower center is the site.

There's still a lot of work for them to do before they're ready to site my art.
Time for me to get back to finishing the carving!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sculpture and Drawing

You never know what inspiration you'll find when you look at every single image in a magazine.

This tiny image of a 19th Century weather vane caught my eye in Architectural Digest.
It's exquisite, and sold for $370, 000.

Impressed? I was. Also inspired...
What if it were made by an 18th Century Korean faux'k artist?
What would THAT look like?

So I started drawing.....

You can see the progression of the idea across the page.....

It's a phoenix/pheasant/rooster from the late Faux Dynasty.

 I'll use  the sketch to cut out the wood blank and start carving!

That is AFTER I finish this current big project. 
It helps to have new work (quicker and much smaller) to look forward to making.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sculpture and To Grandmother's House

I signed my name on the big carving so that means it's done. Right?

If only that were true. I thought the hard part WAS the carving.
No. The current step is the hardest part. (Remember this, Patrick, and stop complaining!)

We've redesigned the housing yet again to be simpler to produce, use less metal and cost less.
Hoping this iteration will work as it needs to be installed by the end of November.

Wish me luck.....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sculpture and the Uncomfortable - Katerina Kamprani

Like a dream of Franz Kafka, utilitarian objects loose their function and acquire different meanings
in a series called  The Uncomfortable by architect Katerina Kamprani.

She's brilliantly................peverse.

Ms. Kamprani says of herself: "I am an architect and I do the work of a rational engineer by day.  I have experience in the designand construction of buildings,  interiors and exhibition booths.
 I am currently employed at ncmp architects.

By night, I am a design enthusiast, interested both in graphic and product design.
As a graphic designer, I have enjoyed freelancing on various projects from branding, to illustrations and print design. In my free time, I re-design everyday objects for my personal project  
 I love image making in any way shape or form, but my favorite tools are 3dsMax and Vray.

Panic attack stairs?